Severe Tightness and swallowing discomfort after chemo

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My mom is getting 6 rounds of chemo for Primary Peritoneal Cancer and it is on the Omentum primarily. Dr said it looks like someone threw wet sand at a wall. The goal is chemo to reduce it as much as possible and then surgery.

We are in the last of 6 chemo treatments ( paclitaxel and carboplatin). The last 3 chemo treatments she has developed tightnes in her abdomen and each time she says it is worse and moves up toward her chest.

We went to the hospital all three times. They did CT Scan, X ray, EKG and Ultrasound of chest, adomen and found no acute issues, no blockages, nothing that would cause this.

The only thing that helps in Morphine.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?