Bladder Cancer T1G3. (TURBT+Chemo) or (Cystectomy)?

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I am 51 year old male and was recently diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. After TURBT, pathologyindicates

Superficially invasive urothelial carcinoma with extensive background high-grade papillaryurothelial carcinoma.

Tumor superficially invades lamina propria.

Muscularis propria is present without tumor involvement in sampled tissue.

Dr gave two options. 1) 2nd TURBT, Chemo and Cystoscopy every 3 month with 33 % chance of aggressive reoccurrence. 2) Cystectomy.

I am seeking 2nd and 3rd opinion from MSKCC and MOFITT.

I am wondering if there is anyone who was in same boat as me and what decision they made and why. Thank you in positive anticipation!!


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    Sorry you are having to deal with this. If you have not done so already, go to for curated medical information on about any topic regarding bladder cancer. You can also visit for the typical treatment protocols for each stage. Sounds like Stage 1/high grade diagnosis. A second opinion is a good thing, and I received excellent care at Moffitt where I got my second opinion. My situation was a bit more aggressive than yours. Since this is a profoundly personal decision, I suggest that you continue your homework (as you are doing) and perhaps reach out to the BCAN survivor-to-survivor program where you can be put in contact with folks whom have had a similar diagnosis to find out what their decisions were.

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    Thanks,barehead. I am glad to hear that you got excellent care at Moffitt. Logistically, it would be a preferred place to complete my subsequent treatments. Also, thank you for recommending The guidelines were very helpful. I signed up for BCAN and was connected with another survivor. BCAN's Inspire network is very helpful, too.