Groin pain

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Was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 5 1/2 years ago. Immediately had radical prostatectomy. Was 58 at time of procedure, now 63. Surgery went well, I was fortunate enough to not have any incontinence issues. Erections are a different story, just not happening. Just accepting that, it is what it is. PSA was undetectable until the last year, now slowing creeping up. Last check it was .18.

My question is regarding that even though erections arent happening I can still get aroused, and sometime achieve orgasm (by myself of course). Lately I have been experiencing pain in the left side of my groin, almost cramping type of pain. They will last for a day then disappear. Arrousal brings them back. Doctor said this can happen because the body still produces sperm, it just has nowhere to go and can produce swelling. This has just happened in the last year or so. I am very curious if others has experienced anything like this? Did anything help if you had this issue.


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    Most probably pain is not PCa related. However due to PSA of 0.18 you need to have a PSMA PET.