Unexpected D&C results for CAEH - Likelihood of cancer?

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I am 48 and haven't had my period in a couple of years. I had unexpected bleeding in September 2023, finally got an appt in October 2023 with my gynecologist who used ultrasound to diagnose 1cm thickness of my endometrius and a polyp. I had my D&C on Jan 2, 2024 and thought it would be like a previous polyp. Benign and no big deal. Well....the results came back as follows:



I have a consult with oncology in 3 days and I know I will get a hysterectomy. The fact my case was referred to oncology has me in a tail spin today. Trying to think positively and pray that there is no cancer/disease... I have been reading your stories and I think you all are warriors. God Bless all of you!


  • Giana23
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    I wish you didn't have to go through this. Hugs. My advice is to get a gynalogical oncologist if possible.

  • syber
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    My appt is with the gynecology oncology dept. I am trying to learn what to expect and what this kind of report and diagnosis means....

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    Hi there. I am VERY new to all this as well/ my biopsy is still pending. I’ve been reading everything I can about all the possibilities and from what I read, you have a pre cancer condition and you’re going to be just fine. ❤️.

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    syber, it is great to hear you are working with a gynecologic oncologist office.

    "Atypical" and "hyperplasia" means there are irregular cells. That doesn't mean cancer, but since they are present, and in the event something is there, this is exactly who should be performing a hysterectomy.

    After the surgery they will tell you exactly what you are dealing with. The surgery may be all you need, but waiting (the hardest part!!) will give you answers.

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    Hi, Syber, how did things go?