Whole Brain Radiation

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I was diagnosed SCLC stage IIA back in June. Did 6 rounds of Etoposide and Carboplatin along with 33 days of radiation. I had scans last week and all was clear. Doctor is now wanting me to do 10 days of whole brain radiation as a preventative in case there are any cells hiding in the brain. I am a 57YO female. Anyone been in my similar situation that can let me know what they went through and would they do it again? I am afraid that either way I decide I will choose the wrong thing.


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    Get a second opinion to help you decide. Most doctors won't be offended, especially with cancer cases.

    Each person, each cancer, is unique and individualized.

    I personally would be leery of 10 days radiation after 6 months clear. I do know that small cell is faster and more deadly and the extra could make a difference. But still. Whole Brain?

    Make sure you have all the information you need. With radiation and chemo, these treatments can increase survival by a certain percentage. Do you want brain radiation if it only increases your odds by 5 percent? Would you do it if it increased your odds by 30 percent? What is the downside and side effects? Get more information.

    I hope it works out. Please check back in.

    Edit - My cousin had radiation to the face on his sinuses. It burnt a hole in his face. (He hid at home with a bandage for awhile) It's painful. He definitely regretted that. One thing to know is that some radiation keeps infiltrating tissue for days, months, even years. I had radiation for breast cancer. Yes, I'm a breast cancer survivor too. I ended up with pleurisy in the area. Painful. Also, this spot (broad field radiation) is were I have COPD/emphysema damage in my upper left lung while the lung cancer is upper right lung.