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Hi ,

I had stage one lung cancer in my middle right lobe. I had robotic lung surgery done on 12-20-23. They took out the mass, + the middle lobe along with a bunch of lymph nodes. It has been five weeks, and I am still having pain, and really have no appetite. I was wondering if anyone else has had this surgery? Also how long did it take you to heal?


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    It takes time. It becomes less painful over time. For me, it was the cuts and scar healing more so than the lung. There were five cuts total with each around an each for my surgeon to do his thing. I had my upper right lobe removed. For some reason they didn't want me to get mine wet for around a month. At around three months, since I quit smoking right before the surgery, I was gaining weight and it was stretching the stitches/cut/scar. I started using palmers cocoa butter and it helped reduce scaring and that funny feeling from stretching. The only place I couldn't reach is a little puckered. (on my back) One cut in front took forever to not hurt. I think they went through more nerves right under my breast.

    I'm trying to keep up with exercise and walking but I can tell I've had a lobectomy in cold weather and freezing winds. It's harder to breath. Need a scarf covering mouth and nose.

    I had my surgery 12-19-22 so I am at one year recovery.

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    For me it's been 4 months, and I also had robotic lobectomy, upper right lobe. After about 2 months I was able to sleep in the bed instead of the recliner, as the incisions became less painful. The heating pad is my best friend, since much of my pain was in my back. I also used a small warming pad for my breast, which is still painful and partially numb. Got some new larger, looser bras too, but only wear them when I really need to. The only respiratory therapy recommended was using the Spirometer. But I found a YouTube series that I like, Breathing Easier with Elizabeth. Stamina is slow to return, but I try increasing my step count a little each week.

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    I had robotic surgery on middle right lobe and they removed a wedge. It is a Stage 1 mucinous adenocarcinoma. Lymph nodes are clear. It's been 2.5 weeks and the incision under my breast is definitely the worst, with some pain in back shoulder area. I am sleeping and napping and still exhausted. My pain is manageable with naproxen but I am impatient! I keep hearing it will take 4-6 weeks . I guess we need to be more patient

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    Yes it does take time . It has been 6 wks now ,and I am definitely better . The only pain I am experiencing now is in my back. Still a little sore also in other areas . I do find if I do too much is when it hurts . I am still taking gabapentin at night to help the nerve pain in my back . I am also very impatient 🤣