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Hi everyone:

My husband was diagnosed with early stage hpv + throat cancer about a year ago. His treatment (surgery and radiation) was successful at first, but about a month ago we were told his cancer had come back, both at the original spot and in several lymph nodes. We realized we had to go for the best care possible this time. Right now we have in mind MD Anderson, Dana Farber (for Dr. Robert Haddad, or Glenn Hanna), and Sloan Kettering (for Dr. David Pfister or Alan Ho), but we are also considering smaller places like Hillman in Pittsburgh or UCSD. We are new here and we would really appreciate some directions!


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    Welcome, ysun02, to the CSN H&N discussion board. I am sorry you are experiencing this situation, it is certainly something that we previously treated patients have on our mind. I am glad you are seeking the best of care. I have no experience with these hospitals but the names are synonymous with cancer treatment. Prayers are certainly in order as you plan your next treatment for your husband. There is a cancer center in Buffalo NY that I am aware of, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, you may want to research but I have no experience with it nor do I know of anyone who went there. Hopefully, others will offer you some help and guidance as I am sure there are folks on here that have gone to the cancer centers you mentioned. I will put a couple of links below here to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. I believe you are on the right track to have your husband treated at a major cancer center, as recurrences are serious situations. Roswell Park Cancer Center links are below...

    They also have a YouTube channel covering subjects on treatment, recovery, etc.....

    Also, I recommend you check out the "Superthread" at the top of the Head and Neck page, it is loaded with info and links that you may find helpful.

    Wishing You the Best

    Take care, God Bless


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    Thank you, Russ! Much appreciated! Will definitely make sure to check out the “super thread” section and Rosewell Park.

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    Welcome to the H&N forum. It looks, like you selected your possible cancer treatment centers wisely as each of them are highly ranked, throughout the United States and on the internet. But, remember many of us went to our local cancer centers and felt we got a very satisfying and successful treatment. I don’t know why your cancer returned, but it sounds like a key treatment requirement needs to address the type and cause of the spread. Is it the same cancer or different? You did not mention any chemo on your first go-a-round or I just missed it. There is no doubt that you may receive better and higher quality treatments at one of the “Big Boys” cancer centers. You will also maybe need to move there temporarily while undergoing treatment. You have many hurdles to clear as you narrow down you choices to a specific selection. Also, don’t fool around with deciding what your next move should be. You do not want to make a premature decision, but you want a decision with the best evidence for success. Generally, the doctors will steer you toward correct and best choice for you.

    Take care,


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    Hi CivilMatt:

    Thanks for the reply! I wasn't given chemo the first time ,only 6 weeks of radiation at half of the standard dosage on one side of my neck. My radiologist also told me drinking moderately shouldn’t be a problem, which I strongly suspect might be one of the reasons why my cancer came back. It's the exact same cancer at the same spot spreading to adjecent lymph nodes.

    Because of all these I’ve made the decision of “going big” this time, knowing it will cost me both financially and physically. You are right this is an important decision and I want to gather as much information as possible before I start.