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Hello there. My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer (with metastases near his pelvic bone and some spots on his lung as well). He had 10 chemo sessions since August 2023, unfortunately nothing seems to work at this point. His doctor had suggested for him to take Lonsurf as a "last resort", and they will also start radiation on Monday. Some of the posts here were written 6 years ago, so any new information from anyone who are willing to share their experiences about this chemo drug would be grateful appreciated.

Thank you for your time. ❤️

(Reposting this topic on here, since I've made a mistaking of posting it under Colorectal cancer topic. My apologies.)


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    My sympathy,my chemo didn't work either at stage 3b. Check side effects for this drug, doctors never mention worse of them. I had aa mimiced heart attack with antibiotic and it ripped my esophagus. My Gi doc mentions it was common after it happened not giving me proper info before hand so I could decide .Side effects-allergic reactions can be severe even permanent. Best wishes

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    Odd that they didn't begin with radiation. The chemo is supposed to ... not sure how to say.. enhance? I was told the radiation begins the process for the chemo to work. And it did for me, for quite some time. I am on a last resort chemo presently. It can cause blindness so they try not to use it. I have found my sessions to be going well so far. I am not familiar with the chemo you mentioned but I do hope they start the radiation soon and chemo after. I have a good oncologist. She has been doing it for a long while, I trust what she chooses to do. I have stage lV cervical. When people ask me what type I have, it's hard to answer so I just say "pick an organ". lol. I try to find the humor in it all. I tell people and they always look so sad for me. I feel badly for them. I used to be them. It's so different when it happens to you personally.

    Prayers out for your husband. I know mine has a lot to think about and go through on his end of things and my heart goes out to you.

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    I did chemo for 6 months and it didn't do anything but poison my body. Radiation is just as bad