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Civil Matt and wbcgaruss (Russ),

I wish to thank you both, first a Huge Thank you to you Matt for all the years of work you have put into this Roll Call. And a Huge Thank you to you Russ for volunteering to take on such a meaningful task to so many.

I for one often look for any updates to the Roll Call to see new members and what journey they traveled. We actually learn a lot from this. Involving how we learned we had cancer, to the procedures taken to fight this beast.

Again, thank you both for all that you have done over the years.

My Best to You Both and Everyone Here. Semper Fi


  • CivilMatt
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    You must be one of the longest active H&N members and you participate in the CSN Chatroom on a regular bases. I imagine the chatroom is every bit as addictive for you as the H&N forum is for me I think that Russ and me working together on the Roll Call will be a net benefit for all of the H&N members. If you remember it as I do HAWVET ran a pretty tight ship, but members were still lining up to join.

    Let’s give this next chapter for the Roll Call a go and see where we end up.

    Civil Matt