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Could you help me? My husband is undergoing intermediate mucoepidermid treatment and I would like to have news about how it is to deal with the treatment, if there is a cure


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    Hello, spvetoreti, and welcome to the CSN H&N discussion forum.

    I can't say I am familiar with mucoepidermoid carcinoma but in looking it up it appears to be salivary gland cancer. It says that it is mainly treated by surgery and I believe follow-up radiation. The follow-up radiation is to mop up any cancer cells that were not gotten in the surgery. I will post a page link below that has a lot of information about it. If I am completely wrong here let me know.

    Can you give us the location of the cancer, and staging of it such as stage 2 cancer, has it spread anywhere else or is it confined to one area? Has he started treatment yet and if so what is it? What is the prognosis that the doctors have given your husband's case? Any details you can provide may help us help you. It is most important to keep a positive attitude. Any meetings you go to with doctors, clinicians, etc. take along a notebook and paper to write things down, it is too hard to remember all that is done or talked about in such a stressful time. Take a friend or relative, more ears to hear.

    As far as dealing with treatment I am sure they will get him through his treatment, they work with this every day. So please post some details and here is a link to the page I was referencing...

    Medical News Today...What to know about mucoepidermoid carcinomas

    I would also recommend you check out the Superthread at the top of the page there are loads of information in there with links and you will find it helpful.

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