Endometrial cancer in lung

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2017 diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma. Had hysterectomy. No other treatment.

2023 diagnosed with endometrial tumor in vigina. 25 radiation therapy and 3 brachytherapy. Tumor gone, but a nodule on lung 8mm. Biopsy showed endometrial cancer. I am now on Everolimus and letrozel for life or until I can’t. Tumor seems to be slow growing. I’m thinking of just letting it grow and live the best life I can. In six months time it didn’t grow. They said it will probably show up in my liver next.

I'm looking for advise on my best life.

female, 65


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    Tomorrow, I will be getting my second biopsy on the same lung nodule that they biopsied in September. At that time, they only looked for cancer. Now they will look for cancer and do a microbiology look to see if it's an infection. It lit up worse in the December scan and that same nodule had been doubling in size since 2019.

    I will have to wait until they have the results to know what the choices are. What are your choices?

    I am on Ibrance and anastrozole for over 6 years. dx in 2015 and have had 3 recurrences. I, too, will be on something for the rest of my life. The last recurrence (last Sept) happened because the Ibrance was getting toxic and the blood counts couldn't recover, so I had too many breaks. Now I'm on a lower dose, so I'm sure I'll be fine. To find out what I will be on in the future, I stay on top of the latest information from BC and MBC. That's where all the research money is going.

    I am just living my life - family, friends, swimming (a lot), traveling, and volunteering. At 65 - got a lot of fun to have. Feeling good.

    Best wishes.


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    I am starting Everolimun 10mg and letrozole 2.5mg. I got all the side effects right away, So I have started and stopped it twice. Hoping my body will reset. Bad rash and itching, soars all over.

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    I've recurred several times since my initial diagnosis in 2014. In 2018 I had a wedge resection of my lung to remove the tumor (same endometrial adenocarcinoma as all of my tumors). I have no experience with everolimun as we are "saving" that for possible future treatment. I've been on letrozole in the past without success and was in a clinical trial for an immunotherapy drug that did not work out well for me. I've since had two more abdominal resections and for some unknown reason there has been NED for the past 18 months (longest I've ever gone). I have not taken anything other that nutritional supplements for the past 18 months. Enjoying this reprieve and like you, Corby, I'm living my life!