Newly diagnosed Melanoma

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This is new and scary. 1.95mm malignant melanoma on left temple with microsatellites. scheduled to start Keytruda Immunotherapy this week and, at some point, have a Lymph di section. I have heard about FDA trying to Fast Track a new vaccine for melanoma that shows good results but not sure how far along. I am very thankful that the MRI brain scan/PET scan came in negative. Need hope.


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    Keytruda is a game changer for me. I had stage 3B melanoma on my scalp and was placed on Keytruda after surgery and it kept it from coming back. I was off of it for a year and during a routine scan it came back in my brain. I had radiation therapy and now am on Keytruda indefinitely. My experience with the keytruda has been favorable compared to chemo and radiation therapy. I am bummed I have to stay on a treatment, but with Keytruda I am able to function normally. I'm glad to hear your scans came back clear and you will be able to take Keytruda. My Oncologist keeps reminding me that President Carter was on Keytruda and lived a long normal live after treatment. The only thing I deal with is some nausea and exhaustion on treatment day. Make sure to stay well hydrated is something I would recommend.