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Hello all! In early January 2024 a 2.8cm solid mass was found on my right kidney via a CT scan. Luckily I got into a urologist in just two days to discuss the findings. I have never been so anxious! The urologist stated it is probably cancer but we can't confirm with a biopsy because of the location. He suggested we take the active surveillance route for now and wait three months to ultrasound it to see if it has grown. His reason is we have no history of this thing and it could be benign or slow growing. When we do take action it will be to remove the entire kidney. I know this group has ALOT of experience and I need your advice. Is this a smart move? Should I just go with the surgery? I feel like I have a ticking time bomb inside of me. I am honestly not scared of the surgery. My best friend has had two kidney transplants and we have talked about it. Any and all help is appreciated!


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    Hmmm I’d like others with more knowledge to weigh in on this, but that seems a small mass to be talking removal of entire kidney. Do you have the option of a second opinion, perhaps an oncologist? Was the CT scan because of symptoms you were having? That “ticking bomb” uncertainty feeling is no fun. I hope you are able to determine more while waiting. Take care ~

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    Thanks for responding! The mass was found incidentally. The urologist stated that due to the location of the tumor they can not do a partial removal. It is tucked nicely inside of the kidney making that not an option.

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    Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Try to keep calm during all this.

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    Hi MHutch,

    Sorry you had to join us, but we're here for you.

    While it's awful to hear the "c" word, you're fortunate that you caught it early. At 2.8 cm, it's small - and at no risk of spreading.

    As for whether or not to opt for immediate surgery, you should talk to your doctor about your concerns. I get why you'd want to opt for surgery as soon as possible, but with it at under 4cm, a three-month wait and see might not be a bad approach. Plus your doctor could be considering other factors - your age, your overall health, how your other kidney is doing healthwise, etc. Ask your doctor these questions and don't be afraid to advocate for yourself.

    You're gonna do great. You've got this!

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    Thank you so much for the encouragement! My husband and I talked more last night after doing more research and I am going to wait the 3 months. I can safely do that and get more history on the tumor which is a win.

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    See? I knew eug would come in with his always excellent suggestions and encouragement! MHutch, I’m glad to hear you seem more calm now that you have a plan. It benefits your physical and mental health when you can keep the stress down by being informed and in charge of your plan. Take care ~

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    I had a 2 cm malignant tumor removed from my left kidney via cryoablation this past June. Because of where it was located, a partial nephrectomy wasn't an option. It appears to be gone as of now!! Maybe see if this could be an option for you?



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    Sorry to be late to this post.

    In late 2013, I was referred for a CT scan by my primary because of microscopic blood in my urine. The CT showed a small (1.5cm) lesion on my right kidney. I got a referral to a urologic oncologist at Stanford. He recommended active surveillance primarily because findings this small are sometimes not malignant and he did not want to possibly have reduced kidney function only to find the lesion was benign. I asked about possible spread and growth and he said growths of my type were typically slow growing and rarely spread to other locations. However, he also said if I would be bothered by the notion of possibly having a malignancy, he could arrange to have it taken out, as he was not a surgeon. I chose to take his recommendation. It was not until April, 2016 that an ultrasound showed growth, so he arranged for robotic surgery, which was performed in June, 2016. The lesion was finally measured at 1.7 cm, chromophobe type (which is notoriously slow growing and almost never spreads).

    Whether to get it taken out preemptively or go on active surveillance is a personal choice that depends on your mindset. There’s no right answer and it’s most certainly not any indication of weakness to choose to get it out fast. To be honest, I rather shocked myself by going through active surveillance.

    As another member posted, ablation, either through radio frequency (heat) or cryo (cold) is also an option. At the time of my procedure, I was told ablation was 95% successful in getting everything while surgery was essentially completely curative (99.9%+) for small growths. Given over 7 years, the ablation percentages may have improved.

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    Hi Just chiming in with support. I agree with eug and bay area guy, it is such a personal decision. Most kidney cancers are slow growing. Praying for peace for you and your family as you wait.