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Hi friends and fighters,

So my mother is currently on maintenance therapy for her stage 4 lung cancer. She has been in a remission period since November and seeming to have responded to the radiation and success with the pememtrexed and keytruda.

I was reading over the notes on her last visit and noticed that it stated the oncologist REDUCED pememtrexed by 20%

I am not sure and cannot find a search answer and was hoping one of you will have a better understanding with what this means.

thanks as always,



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    Hello, P.K.,

    I had 3 infusions of pemetrexed along with nivolumab and carboplatin for my Stage 3 B, operably, lung cancer. Those 3 infusions got rid of ALL my cancer, so when they did surgery to remove my RML there was NO cancer on the path report! So, that combo worked wonders for me!

    The only other thing I might know is that pemetrexed can be very hard on the kidneys. My ONC reviewed my case (my kidney function is not stellar) with the MDA pharmacology doctors and decided to give me a slightly reduced dose. Maybe your mother’s doctor is concerned about her kidney function? That might be part of the explanation for the reduced dose.

    Best wishes for both of you,


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    Thank you @thatblondegirl

    I appreciate your feedback on that. Congrats on your healing from the cancer. I have found out (since posting that topic) that they cut back the chemo due to neuropathy. But then it was determined her cancer is spreading and getting larger and more aggressive. So whats your input on Avastin?

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    Thank you for sharing your story and giving me your wise opinion. You are right. The kidney function is the main concern for her reduction in strength. Today we fight another battle with victory. All is well with the ticker!