Very slowly rising PSA 3.5 years after radical prostatectomy

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My surgery went well with really no incontinence issues 1 week post surgery. I have regularly tested PSA and my last several scores over the past year is outlined below. Prior to this I was and stayed in the 0.1 range, both above and below. They had not recommended a radiation oncologist consult until the 0.238 result in October. By the way, I had a PSMA/Pet Scan in May of 2023 and it showed no spread to lymph nodes or anywhere else.

Jan 2, 2023 0.222 ng/mL

Oct 24, 2023 0.238 ng/mL

May 8, 2023 0.229 ng/mL

Feb 7, 2023 0.168 ng/mL

Nov 29, 2022 0.178 ng/mL

The consult with a radiation oncologist occurred yesterday and they went straight to the following steps: 1) Placement of seeds, 2) Hormone therapy, and 3) radiation. This person shared a study that showed Pet scans are not always going to be accurate. No discussion of side effects (other than decreased libido with hormone therapy) with radiation.

I am trying to schedule another call with my oncology team (not the radiation team) to understand my options and what they recommend.

Frankly, I am struggling with what to do and how to make this decision. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you.