2024 --Is anyone currently treating for UPSC?

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I'm starting chemotherapy January 8th, and not sure how many cycles -- perhaps only three. Since I just turned 82 and my hysterectomy showed no disease, it is questionable how much therapy I should get balanced against the toxicity of the chemotherapy. I had an exploratory hysteroscopy in October (as a result of spotting and an EIN biopsy) and a large polyp and a small mass were removed, along with a complete D&C at that time in October. The papillary serous carcinoma was discovered ONLY in the small mass. However, because of the agressiveness of USC, I underwent a "very complete" robotic hysterectomy removing about all that can be gynecologically removed. My CA-125 was 22. The surgeon thinks a good remedy is to complete 3 cycles of chemotherapy, but never mentioned radiation. I'm feeling fine, the surgery was not difficult -- went to a Christmas tea . in 8 days after. I'm fearing the damages from chemo Mostly, however, I'm so very thankful the USC did not get me sooner with a lifetime of work and raising five daughters.


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    Good evening SSuzanne, welcome. I read you post and thought my story would help you but I cannot read my own profile. Maybe you can. You said you had no disease at hysterectomy. Did your pathology say no malignancy in the hysterectomy specimen? If so, that is what I had. If that is the case there is no set treatment for that stage. The decision is made by you and your doctor. You can read about chemotherapy on this website. Search for it on our page. There is lots of information about icing, etc. I hope there are others who will respond who are having treatment now. I did not have a CA-125. It is only relative for some women, and I don't think they know why. My doctor did not want me to have one. It can be elevated by inflammation in the abdomen for other reasons.

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    Hello SSuzanne, so happy to hear it was found so early. That isn't always the case, but like you, I was diagnosed (dx) with UPSC 1A at 49 yo. Are you working with a gynecologic oncologist? I would suggest asking them what the "standard of care" is for this type and stage.

    Treatment is always the patient's choice, and there is a great thread pinned on "Ladies going through chemo..." and I think the link below should take you there.

    It is a little older but still lots of good things there. I had no idea about anything going in so it didn't help me but am glad to see it was created at some point.

    Please let us know how you are doing and don't hesitate to ask questions.