Chemo drugs & Mitomycin combined with RA drugs.

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I have StageII Anal Cancer & would like to know if anyone also has Rheumatoid Arthritis, in addition to their cancer diagnosis. My treatment starts 1/8/2024 & I would appreciate any comments on what to expect. Thanks for your help.


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    Hi, smr7059. I am 2 months out from last treatment. Also stage 1-2 no mo. I do not have RA but since my spouse does I am familier with it. As far as the immune system goes. I found to be kinda scary so I was very careful where I went and careful in public and around people. The good part is that every week about they took bloodwork and that lets you know right where its at. white count redcount platelets ect. There is a standard medical chart that states if, like say your platelets go below a certian amount they will not do second mitomycin. I would make sure to double check, yourself on drug interaction. I was on herb and found it shouldn't be taken with chemo. although in my chart it was myself who caught it. I learned to stay on top of things by trial and error, first sign of something not right. Voice it to staff. All the info out there to read helps lot like diet , real swishing ice around in mouth during mitomycin injection, keeping hands and feet lotioned rest when needed ect. I came through it a few rough patches and to much worry as I say now from this side. You will be fine. Take care of YOU now. and through it. All will be ok. My prayers are with you. Hoping if someone out there has RA they can answere more of your questions on that.

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience & guide me on some things to do & be aware of. I wasn't aware that I should use ice chips "during" the Mitomycin IV, so I added it to my list. I am so allergic to everything, that I want to avoid any reactions before they occur. Tomorrow, I start my treatment, & as you can imagine, I have a million emotions going through my head. Your prayers & positive attitude will definitely help me get through this. I'll let you know how it goes.