17 year survivor

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may 2024 be a better year for you all. It’s been a long time since I last checked out this site. I wanted to offer hope to any and all that visit. I am an unusual 17 year survivor and you might be too! Please feel free to reach out


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    Good for you, I guess, I m 2years plus in,just got back from 2 months inn hospital from a displaced feeding tube ripping a hole in my stomach,stomach absess too,liver damage and surgery to stop bleeding into the stomach,2 clamps.Multiplre weeks of esophagus bleeding and vomiting blood,medication issues and allergic reaction that mimiced a heart attack..I decided to go AMA and returned home last night. I have Jaundice too,bil and blood filling my g tube that must be drained,but better to e home by myself than hospital and hospice. See how long I last

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    Hi your post is great to read. My husband just finished 2nd round of chemo so now effectively done. He’s been amazing and so positive as we both have. It’s now reality of the future is kicking in and so reading your post has helped my anxious thoughts for our years ahead. Thank you