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Since I have hit the 5 year milestone, I feel compelled to add a little advice to ones who are just starting this journey. I am old but not always wise! Lol. I would say to first get a list of Oncology Ob/Gyn Drs that your insurance accepts. Then decide if you want a male or female Dr. (In my case I wanted a female Dr) then research the heck out of those Drs and also the facility they work from. It’s great that some people live close to large well known places, but not everyone does. I chose an oncology center a little over an hour from home instead of the cancer wing of the hospital closer to me. It worked out good. This will be a long term relationship for you so choose wisely, 😊♥️ also a side note, I was able to go to my small hometown hospital for my weekly blood tests in between chemo treatments and they coordinated with my oncology center.


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    Such good news to hear that you’ve hit this important milestone!

    Since I didn’t join this Board until after I had finished treatment, I didn’t realize how many women have struggled to find doctors that provide quality cancer care when my own experience was very good, like yours.

    So I’m always glad when a woman finds this Board early on so she can read about what to expect and help to decide when a second opinion or doctor change is in order, if she has any doubts.