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Hi all. Sorry for starting a new post but when I post this I'm my original topic it doesn't show up as posted.

I'm not healing that great from having 12 healthy teeth removed. After 2 weeks the pain got worse. I went to the surgeon Thursday and it's hard for him to see if the gums or whatever are infected because of the swelling from the gums and my tumor so he went ahead just to be safe and put me on Keflex. Where my last tooth was (a molar) on my tumor side on the bottom gum felt rough and it was irritating under my tounge. He couldn't get my tongue pulled out and over enough to see under the back of it. He was worried about adding to the pain.

But from him trying wow did it flare up whatever that pain was. I know now what it is.

When I got home I decided I need to see what was going on. Yes everything is packed in there because of things swollen. But I used a tongue depresser and a Thor pen light as another depresser. I was able to get all the way back on that side and I seen what all the tongue pain was about. On the right side of my tounge and underneath is a ulcer. I'm guessing the white circle is about 12 mm in diameter and then it's red around it.

So first off, does anyone know a good paste or barrier I can buy OTC for it. I can't even swallow because it hurts so bad.

I couldn't get a pic with my phone as it's too hard to hold everything open and run a camera. Not enough room for two people.

My wife called my surgeon today that I just seen yesterday and he suggested the normal stuff plus a script for mometasone Furoate. I recognized it as soon as my wife told me. It's a steroid cream my PCP gives me for poison ivy. My wife called it in. Our pharmacists that we have a good relationship with told us they have to label and tell us that it's not allowed in your mouth or eyes. So that was around 4pm. Our pharmacist told us to ask the doc again about it because it could have off label uses. Long story short everyone at my surgeons office was gone. I'm like dang who knows how long the office will be closed now because of Christmas.

I made it all the way to the furthest extracted back molar with my finger. I know expose bone is normal after teeth extraction but I found a little piece of sharp bone sticking up about a 32nd of a inch (not muxh) above my gum. Reminds me of a piece of finger nail. Now I'm wondering if that's what gave me the abscess.

Past 2 nights I've taken one Percocet and it helps with the gum pain Im having 3 weeks after 12 teeth where extracted. I told my surgeon yesterday that I'm regressing not progressing with pain. He wanted to see me that day. So I went. He didn't do a lot because of the swelling. Like I said though he did start me on Keflex. At least I can get a few hours sleep using a percocet.

Now I can hardly swallow because of the painfulness of that ulcer. It's hard to drink water or a milkshake. I've ate no solid food since Thursday. This Saturday morning is not starting out any better.

I need to get healed up more so I can start treatments on the 2nd. Surgeon told me yesterday well Thursday the exposed bones will heal.

So if someone knows any good OTC or prescription ulcer meds I'd love to hear about them. I've tried even holding my tounge and trying to swallow. No luck. I've had a few mouth ulcers but not many in the past years. Maybe like 2 in 30 years. Been ages but I remember there's like a baking soda paste you can make and put on but I never had any luck with it helping.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.

Thanks all for reading this. Sorry about me rambling on.



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    Hello, Wade, you did have one of your postings besides this new one work for you. It was this one just to show you...

    Since we talked about this before I am not going to comment here but I will post a possible help to your problem in the form of a medication paste and maybe it will help others too...I think it may require a prescription...

    Triamcinolone Acetonide Paste - Uses, Side Effects, and More


    This medication is used for the temporary relief of symptoms from mouth sores due to injury. This drug comes in a dental paste that allows it to stick to the inside of the mouth/cheeks/gums. It works by reducing the swelling, itching, and pain that can occur with mouth sores. This medication is known as a medium-strength corticosteroid.

    Hoping and praying for you Wade to get some relief and be able to move forward with your treatment.

    NEGU (Never Ever Give Up)

    Take Care, God Bless