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My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3B colon cancer in May. He’s 47 years old and father of two kids under 5. It had spread to two lymphnodes. He had successful surgery and three months of chemo (Capox). In September once chemo ended, first scans were clear. We just had second round of three month scans and they were also clear. My husband continues to live in a state of anxiety, stressing about cancer returning, feeling sorry for himself that this happened. I am trying to cherish every moment after this experience. He goes to therapy. I just feel so alone and that I can’t imagine how much harder things will get for our relationship if he continues down this road. I really thought he would be ready to start a new chapter and I’m shocked it’s the opposite. Is this normal? What can I expect and what I can do? I’ve tried to talk to him about it and he initially agrees and changes his ways but then reverts to anxious tendencies. Thanks for any advice


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    Hi, I am an Exercise Physiologist and a cancer exercise specialist here in Colorado Springs, the fear of cancer returning or getting second cancer is one of the major points of conversation most of my clients talks about, and one of my clients saying “I don’t choose cancer, cancer choose me, my hope is not to giving up, keep living for the moment and family and focus on showing up to my personal training exercise sessions”

    Taking necessary step to staying active and focusing on heart health nutrition and reducing chance of obesity are shown by research to reduce chance of developing second cancer.