Any good stories of stage 1 and long remission rates?

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Post yours


  • Allochka
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    this board is full of inspiring stories, and not even for Stage 1, but for all other stages as well!

    My husband was Stage 1 (diagnosed at 36 years old), now it is his 9th year in remission.

    Donna Lee was Stage 4, is in remission for many years now!

    I am sure you will fine for many years to come. Happy holidays!

  • Lisa 1102
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    I was diagnosed as stage 1a in September, 2020 and had surgery in October, 2020. My scans have been clear since then. I don’t think that this qualifies as long-term remission, but I’m hopeful I’ll get there someday!

    Happy holidays!

  • AliceB1950
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    Total nephrectomy in September 2018 for stage 1b, grade 4, so 5 plus years for me. Not everyone signs up for forums, and of those that do, most drop out after a while if they're not having problems, so it's harder to get responses from people who are living completely normal lives years down the road. I'm only here sporadically because I'm still getting annual scans; once those are done, I probably won't come back here any more.

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    I was also diagnosed with stage 1a grade 3 in November 2020 and was operated the same month within a period of 15days. Since then my regular Scans, Blood works, X-rays and PET Scans have all been clear and as Lisa112 hope it stays clear. Hope all members on this forum also experience the same results as mine or are NED.