Stigma and Strides

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Stage 4 small cell lung cancer here. Wishing everyone out there hope and hugs! Lung cancer is a shamed cancer that inevitably leads to the question "do/did you smoke?" Then silence if you answer yes as if to confirm you're deserving of such an awful diagnosis. Such a shame as all cancers suck and there are many causes. My doctor even said to me "it's time to pay the piper." The diagnosis of any cancer is life altering and awful and should not be accompanied by shame.

I've just finished my fourth round of chemo and will be starting radiation soon. After my second round, my scan showed 90% shrinkage. Doctor told me the chemo even blew a hole through one of the tumors on my lung. Each tumor measured 5 to 7 cm and they are all down to a little over 1 cm now. (Carboplatin and Etoposide chemotherapy along with Imfinzi immunotherapy) Hopefully radiation will blow the remainder into oblivion! I've gained twenty pounds, eating better, taking great care of myself for the first time in my life, and I've quit smoking. Sending out good vibes to all who have to deal with this monster! Many strides in recent years with lung cancer and the internet has not caught up so don't get discouraged when researching online.


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    Such an awesome post! I’m so glad for your results! Treatment has come so far for lung cancer. My husband has stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. He’s 47 years old. Former smoker. He quit in 2007. No symptoms, just a shocking and devastating diagnosis. He did 2 rounds of 2 chemo and 2 immunotherapies with little improvement. He’s lost about 60 pounds. He’s now taking a targeted drug Lumakras. He’s seen great improvement so far. His next CT scan in 12/27 to see how it’s working. I pray for the same results for him as well. Thank you for the encouraging post! I wish you great success and healing.

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    So glad he's had improvement now :) Hallelujah! I pray he has good results from the scan on 12/27 and it sounds like he will! I wish him great success and healing as well! Thank you so much.

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    I'm glad you wrote about the stigma.

    This is why I've only told 3 people. Trusted family members and best friend.