Has anyone heard from CMB?

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I haven’t seen any posts from her lately Has anyone heard from her I hope she’s ok


  • ConnieSW
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    I’ve been missing her, too. Last time she signed in was November 14

  • cmb
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    I'm Here! Sorry to have been away so long from the board. Life (work, dealing with my brother's estate, other family members' health issues, etc.) have kept me busier than I would have liked these past few months. And since I don't multi-task like I used to, I found that I had to keep focused on the matters at hand to get through them. But I thought of everyone here often and kept reminding myself that once I finally had a break I was going to deep dive here to see what I've missed and learn about our new members.

    Physically I'm fine. I am now 6 years NED after my treatment for Stage 3B, carcinosarcoma. For those of you newly diagnosed, especially with one of the more aggressive forms of uterine cancer, I hope that my experience can give you hope as you undergo treatment. You can read about my experience with cancer on my profile page.

    I still have work to do with my brother's estate since he died without a will (despite our urging) and left his affairs in quite a mess. But while I have a couple of client proposals out now, I will use one or both to train another consultant to take over this type of work, should either of them be accepted. So I hope I can finally fully retire in the near future.

    Wishing everyone happy holidays, or if that seems unlikely right now, at least moments of peace, during this time.

    ~~~Just an extra comment to say how great it was to catch up with so many women reporting their NED status recently. These stories are so helpful, especially to those members who have recently joined the board.

  • BluebirdOne
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    So glad to hear from you, cmb. We miss you and all of our people, no matter if they are able to participate or not and we really missed you.... This disease takes so much from us that continuing to connect becomes so important. Happy New Year to all.

  • ConnieSW
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    I’m so happy to hear from you. I felt sure you were out there busy with life but still fretted a tiny bit. Good luck with your business plans and I hope you get to enjoy the retired life soon.

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    Dear cmb,

    So glad to hear that you’re OK! And still NED! It’s great to see you back!

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your brother. And that you were left with an estate mess. I’ve served as an executrix 3 times. Two that were a mess and one that was not. Regardless of their status, they are a huge amount of trouble! Just keep plugging along….eventually you’ll get done with it!

    Love to All,