Tongue Cancer - to get tongue reconstruction or not?

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Hi Team,

I am at 32 yr old Male and was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Well Differentiated in the tongue. We think we caught it early -- I went to an ENT in September right after it got suspicious, she said everything looked ok. In November decided what the hell let's get a second opinion and biopsy this thing - turns out its cancer.

Anyways - they will need to remove the tumor and due a neck dissection to confirm lymph-nodes are negative. Everything showed up negative on the PET Scan, so fingers crossed there.

I now need to decide if I want to do the flap reconstruction or not -- my doctor says I am on the fence for needing one or not. I have my first kids due in 30 days (twins yay) and my job is 100% talking based - I am in sales.

Does anyone have any experience with talking well post partial glossectomy or after a tongue reconstruction.

Obviously I am scared shirtless but doing my best manage my emotions it could be worse. Now just trying to pick the correct path - any thought/opinions/experiences is greatly appreciated.