Thoughts on this.

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I had a physical in March PSA was 9. Met with urologist in April. PSA 8.4

Over next few months, MRI, biopsy, (3+4) 5/15 positive. PSMA in July. (Clean)

Met with several doctors, which took time. Scheduled and completed Cyberknife (SBRT) on 10/9.

When I was getting opinions, I met with a MO who seemed very knowledgeable from University of Cincinnati. However they didn't have Cyberknife, so I went with a private group. I did schedule a follow up with her for 12/8.

When I went to the follow up, she assumed that I had completed treatment in Sept and I was 90 days out. (The private group isn't great at sharing records)

She did a PSA and it was 12. Obviously this alarmed me.

Talked to her this morning and she said she doesn't feel good about it or bad for the following reasons:

-It was only 2 months from completion and prostate may still be inflamed from radiati0on, pushing up PSA

-No PSA test had been done immediately before treatment, so she does not feel that 9 is an accurate baseline.

However she did say that she wanted to test in 6 weeks and if it is not lower, do another PSMA.

Any thoughts on this? How long does it take a prostate to heal from radiation?