Did your anal cancer affect vaginal opening

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This question is for females I was recently diagnosed with anal cancer when I met with 2nd group Dr for 2nd opinion I mention that the vaginal opening is itching as much as anus, is this common for anal cancer? He referred me to gynecologist to be checked.


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    Treatment resulted in vaginal stenosis for me and for many women, hence the recommendation for dilator use. (I used a dilator and got a rejuvenation treatment called Thermiva which greatly helped.) But the vaginal itchiness you spoke of is not a vivid memory of my treatment side effects (11 years ago). It's important to keep the area clean so with every bathroom visit I used a spray bottle with distilled water (as I don't have a bidet). And I kept my whole groin area exposed to air as much as possible. It's not impossible to get a yeast infection during all this madness so that could be your cause for itchiness, too. But, before using vagisil or some other cream, be sure to ask your radiation doctor if that cream has to be wiped off (?) before radiation...Perhaps using it the last day of radiation for the week (FR) so that it can stay on thru the weekend before the next irradiation...

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    I had vaginal itchiness after treatment, but not before. It cleared up quickly. Expose the entire area to air as much as possible. Use NO creams right before radiation. They can make the radiation burns worse. Be sure to wipe them off prior to radiation.

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    I did not have any vaginal itchiness before starting my treatment, maybe it’s due to something else going on because of the what the cancers effects

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    I did have vaginal itching at the time of diagnosis (that’s been almost 12 years ago now) I think my itchiness was likely related to yeast/warts/ or just a breakdown in peri area health at the time.

    Once treatment started, the combination of chemo/radiation just traded one discomfort for another.

    I spent a lot of time in the shower (get a hand held shower head) and as said by another, open air if able.

    Over a decade later, minor details are a blur now but know that there will be an end to all this for you too!

    Be well,


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    I didn’t have vaginal itching, however, be aware your vagina will be affected. In my case a membrane actually grew across the opening. At 70 I was a virgin again!!:) My gynecologist easily and painlessly cut it out, but I was told it might come back. I also had stenosis of both my vagina and my rectum. It’s been close to 2 years since the end of my treatment and I still experience burning when I urinate. It feels almost like I have a UTI, but it isn’t. It’s something similar to that (basically cystitis) which was caused by the radiation. I live with that and proctitis which causes my stool to never be “normal”, sometimes I have periods of severe diarrhea that last for weeks and then gradually it stops. And then months later, the diarrhea reoccurs. If you do some research on the long term effects of radiation you’ll find that for years and years afterwards you can have reactions. It’s as if the radiation lives in your system and occasionally rears its head. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    I have realized that my colon will never return to its previous self. So I consider it my new normal. Your itching will probably pass….if that’s the worse side effect you have..consider yourself lucky! Best wishes, hang in.

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    I did /do have itching in both areas. I start treatment this Monday, March 4th. The vaginal area is being pressed against by the mass. Which is on the outside, also squishing the anal area. I'm scared and expecting the worst of everything. I do have a good supportive family and church family. I am too embarrassed to even say what kind of cancer I have. Anyway, anymore helpful hints to get through this would be appreciated. I did hear about L-Glosamine, no lotions on areas to be radiated, ice chips. Did I mention I am so scared and I don't want my 3 yr old granddaughter to be scared of me. Sorry I'm rattling on. Oh, I also have RA and in 2020 had cancer in both lungs. I can do this, I can do this

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    One more tip:. I started to get burns in my butt crack, I started to spread my cheeks when I was on the table, right before the radiation treatment. Burns went away in a couple of days. Sweat from nervousness is the same as a cream. Good luck and it will pass. 8 weeks of hell, but the body is amazing at healing.