Getting ready for my first chemo session

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Pardon my ignorance.

i’m 34 years old. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer stage 2 last year. Had a full hysterectomy and brachytherapy. About a month ago I found out the cancer is back and has spread. I will be starting chemo as well as immunotherapy.

Honestly, I’m terrified. I have one sister who lives in Cali. I’m the type of person who over thinks and hopefully someone can shed some resources that can help me during this time.

what are some must have?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and share some wisdom.


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    Tatequieto, I didn't know anything either before I started the journey and didn't find this site until after I had finished treatment. While I wish I had found it before. Kudos to you to find us early.

    The link to the thread below was one that was started back in 2015 and full of lost of information. I would suggest reading through it, but please keep in mind that it is older, and not everyone is here to reply.