Uterine lining thickness

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Hi, I am a 63 y.o. and post menopausal. I say post because I haven't had a period for more than 10 years. For the last several months the doctors have been trying to figure out why I am severely anemic. I have a history of Ulcerative Colitis, but no flare-up recently. The did a MRI of the small bowel and incidentally found that my uterus lining was 1.8 cm. Advised me to see my Gyn. for vaginally ultrasound. I went and he found fluid and a mass. Because of the hospital I have to go to I can't get a hysteroscopy and D&C with biopsy until Dec. 21st. I have been thinking about symptoms and the only thing I remember is earlier this year I had a watery discharge for at least a week and it was heavy enough to make me wear a panty liner. Could this be a symptom? No bleeding or pain. I am a little scared. Thanks for reading.