Localized Stage 2 Gleason 8 (4+4) treatment options

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Recently diagnosed with Stage 2 PC. My PSA hovered between 4 and 5 for about a year. Had MRI, biopsy and PET scan and results were Gleason 8 in 4/12 zones in my prostate. Mostly in the upper right 2 zones and small percentages in the mid right zones. There was a 1 cm spot in the mid left zone but it was Gleason 6 (3+3). Been researching treatment options. Meeting with a surgeon next week. My prim care doctor with oncology background votes for surgery. My urologist votes surgery. My experience with researching this is whatever they do thats what they tend to recommed. My gut tells me surgery is the best option. Am considering HIFU if I meet the strict qualifications. Anyone else out there with similar numbers and what did you do and why?


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    Yes, surgery is an option for you but I recommend to study various radiation options as well. Please include seeing a radiation oncologist for his/her input. You do have some time before makin a 'final' decision.

    HIFU is not the way to go, because it's likely that further treatment will be necessary. Here is the guideline on this topic from the American Urological Association:

    Clinicians should inform patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer considering whole gland or focal ablation that there are a lack of high-quality data comparing ablation outcomes to radiation therapy, surgery, and active surveillance. (Expert Opinion)

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    Might not be a bad idea to talk with an Oncologist to see what they can recommend. Your choice on surgery or radiation base on the input from your doctors and how you feel. Surgery or radiation will present you with side effects, but how bad is up to a lot of factors like the location of the cancer, skill of the surgeon and oncology and their facilities. Get the best doctors/facilities you can find to get the best results. Don’t know too much about HiFu but I don’t think it’s a standardized treatment at most hospitals.

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