Newly diagnosed with anal cancer

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I went in for hemorrhoids to be removed and was told I had cancer not hemorrhoids. I have heart condition and vascular issues, I'm not sure if I want chemo and radiation. I need to see cardiac Dr and gynecologist they feel it may be at base vaginal opening too. I'm having pet scan next week. How do you make decisions about taking treatment or walking away let cancer do what it will.


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    I had a similar experience, thinking it was just hemorrhoids and was sent to a specialist.

    The journey begins..

    I was told it was stage 4 cancer, and that chemotherapy would be the only treatment.

    From what I have read, Anal Cancer is treatable, with favorable odds of survival.

    I would suggest you get a 2nd opinion, to see if the radiation is really necessary.

    I also suggest you look in to RSO, which is a cannabis-based treatment. It has helped me tremendously with the pain and helping me to sleep comfortably again. It's not for everybody, but has helped thousands of people beat all kinds of cancer.

    After only 1 chemo treatment I felt 80% better. However I had been using the RSO for over a month before that 1st treatment, and I really doubt the chemo had worked that quickly, rather it was a combination of the 2 plus changing my diet that helped me make the progress I saw.

    I wish you the best in your treatment and recovery, and hope you will keep us posted on your progress!

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    Update, Results of my scan after 3 chemo's showed almost a 50% reduction on all internal spots they had found. The lesions/hemorrhoid growths I had around my anus are completely gone except for a bit of rough skin patches.

    Those external ones were causing all of my pain, which is now completely gone.

    Just fatigue now, with neuropathy in my fingers and a bit on the toes. From my research, that can go away on it's own or you can take steps to recue or eliminate it.

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    i definitely feel you there. Once I learned about the effects of radiation I was really scared to get treatment. I have kids though so I did. I finished treatment in July 2023. My standard of living is different now. It hurts to have bowel movements. I have to use a vaginal dilator, which makes me feel old. I am in menopause (I’m 37). I’m tired a lot.

    however, I still work and returned to school part-time. I have 2 kids under 10 and I can take care of them with relative ease. I took up skateboarding (even though my tailbone is weak). I got into things I wanted to try as a kid. Most of the time I’m fine. 15 minutes out of my day sucks (bathroom and dilator). And people have definitely “moved past” the fact that I literally just had cancer so the sympathy for any tiredness seems to be gone. But I still just say no to a lot of things and I don’t feel bad at all. I do have a bit of a new outlook on life. I don’t joke about wanting to die anymore, that’s for sure. And it’s taken 6 months for me to feel like a “cancer person.” Since my tumor is gone I felt like I should move on but tbh there’s always fear. Non cancer people aren’t examining their bowel movements and rereading all their medical records just to check.

    but like I said, 15 mins out of my day suck, along with the menopause and stuff… so idk I think it was worth it. If I didn’t have kids………. Idk, to be honest. It’s all up to you and what you want to get out of your life. ◡̈

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    It sounds like you are handling it pretty well.

    Kudos to you for trying new things!

    I always try do that as well, and I've got a pretty large bucket list. `That's what keeps me going I guess, we all need something to motivate ourselves.

    I went ziplining for the first time a few months ago before I was diagnosed, and just dug through the pain.

    We went with my girlfriend's Mom and her nephew, who is autistic. I was pretty happy that I could do it at the time, little did I know that a month later I would be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

    I've never had the "wanting to die" moments, although I was worried about taking care of all the details in case of my demise. I still havent gotten everything in order, but then that's motivation for me to keep going I guess.

    I hear you on the non-cancer people part; no one understands unless they have been in our shoes.

    Keep up the fight, life is definitely worth living!!