Pluvicto Round 2 coming

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I have my 2nd Pluvicto treatment in a week. The first round went well as far as side effects. Other than the isolation from everyone it was good.

My blood work results after 4 weeks were a surprise to me. My PSA went from 8.1 to 50. The oncologist didn't seemed concerned and the lady I meet with about treatment gave me an analogy that I hope isn't bs.

She said that it's believed that the first few rounds may not see any lowering but the treatment may be "exploding" the cancer cells causing a higher PSA initially.

Anyway, this is my 5 week update. Merry Christmas to everyone.


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    Yes, the term 'flare-up' is used when PSA goes up after the first cycle of Pluvicto. Typically PSA is measured after 12 weeks.

    I do hope that your PSA will go down significantly in the near future.

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