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so after five years, I have a reoccurrence. I chose radiation with one round of breaking therapy as a booster. Biopsy is showing very small tumor, but it looks like it is gleason 8 cribiform nature .. Doctor Who does cryotherapy suggested I’m a good candidate for that. He says the success rate is about 85% or better the second time around. The radiologist who did the first treatment was a bit disappointed that it didn’t work. He is not sure if this is the same tumor or if it is a different one. I asked him could it be that the Gleason three was killed but not the Gleason four and that the Gleason four could be radiation resistant. He told me if it was radiation resistant. It would’ve came back much sooner than five years later. He also said he suggested now that I do two rounds of breaking therapy and they would target just the tumor and not the whole prostrate. he said they have been tracking over 100 patients that had recurrence who did Breaky therapy and only 5% of them have had a third reoccurrence after five years. He thinks this time it would knock it out for good. Now I wonder if I should also have an appointment with the surgeon at UCLA who specialize in Salvage surgery. I truly believe the first time I made a mistake if I would’ve had it removed, I would not be in the situation because there would not be a prostrate for the cancer to return in. I’m not too fond of putting more radiation in me I asked what it Increase my chances of a secondary cancer because of all this radiation and he said it really wouldn’t. Increase the chances that muxh The urologist who is overlooking everything wanted me to contact him and he will give me his opinion what he thinks I should do. He has been in contact with both doctors. The problem is I can’t set up an appointment with him until January 5 . I’m thinking about making my own decision and going with the cryotherapy. I’m just wondering if I should wait to talk with the urologist. This is so so confusing and starting to frankly piss me off it’s been five months now since I found out I had a reoccurrence.


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    breaking therapy = brachytherapy

    I think (!) that you should make a choice between the proposed cryotherapy and (localized) radiation. To decide, ask what the success rate and the side effects are for each therapy. Then make a decision and don't look back.

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    I know that i am waiting on my dr but i dont want to wait another month i’m not too fond of the radiation. It didn’t work the first time I think I’m going to go with the freezing it. That was also the question that my urologist wanted to find out as well why does he think radiation would work this time the radiologist and my urologist have been in contact with each other. That’s why I want to talk to my urologist, but then again, I don’t wanna wait another month.

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    Based on what your saying, I would check out cyberknife. I'd also seek out treatment from a recognized university teaching hospital specializing in prostate cancer...all the best

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    Thanks no cyberknofe not enough data and yes im going to one of the best in the country UCSF my urologist has been with them 40 years the man who might be doing the cryotherapy 34 years radiologist 22 years I know they’re good, but my God maybe private one is the way to go

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    To my knowledge, Cyberknife has been around a while, and there is plenty of clinical evidence that it is a reliable and successful procedure. I am one piece of the clinical evidence repository, and oh yes, I am being treated by a world class cancer institute.

    I had Cyberknife treatment on a bone metastasis in my left pelvic bone 3 years ago (along with 2 years of Lupron/Zytiga/Prednisone), and I currently have a non-detectible PSA and no presence of any lesions in that area, based upon my latest scan.