Survivors where are you

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I want to know how long everyone is surviving. I was formally diagnosed at 37, luckily with stage 1a. I had no symptoms and they found my cancer by mistake. I am now in remission for one year and I'm having these thoughts of how long will I live after this? I know there's no guarantee. But I'm curious of how long people survive after having lung cancer and a lobe removed. The statistics online don't help. I know no one in person who has survived lung cancer. I'm feeling very alone. I had a panic attack before my one year CT scan. People tell me my fears lessen with time... but right now I just want to know if it's possible I still live a long life and get to see my children get married and have their own families? And will I make it to retirement with my devoted husband? Could I live another 40 years? Is it possible. Give me hope survivors.


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    I would be interested in people's experiences as well. I am recently diagnosed going through treatment now.

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    Hello I'm Denise I'm 58 and recently diagnosed with stage 4b non small cell pulmonary adenocarcinoma with secondary bone cancer , currently I'm having my 4th treatment this Friday which will be the last one of this cycle

    Then they'll rescan to see if the current treatment is working, they infuse 2 chemo Alimta and Carboplatin and 1 immunotherapy Keytruda

    So we shall see if it's working soon . I do understand your fear , I've had alot of panic attacks since my diagnosis, I will tell you I think you are going to be fine , just breath and trust that everything will be fine .

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    Hi, my name is Nancy and my lung cancer was found by accident as well. It was 1a non small cell pulmonary adenocarcinoma and I had a thoracic lobectomy. This month is year two cancer free. My panic attacks just stopped of late, so I think as time went by and COVID became manageable my fears subsided somewhat. Stay strong and positive.