The hardest thing is making decisions

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Between short periods this year, I am put to the test of making fateful decisions for my father.

After total laryngectomy, the disease recurred under the left jaw.

And after chemotherapy TPF protocol.

After 33 sessions of radiotherapy.

Now, 4 months after the end of radiotherapy, there is a narrowing of the pharynx and esophagus, as shown in the PET CT scan.

Four days ago, he underwent the first course of combined immunotherapy and chemotherapy (Keytruda, Taxotere Carboplatin).

Now I have to decide whether to make a peg tube or not, or should I wait!

Food residue stuck in the throat is annoying.

He excretes with his saliva the remains of the food he ate.

I'm alone in this 😔


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    Dear Ali I am sorry you are alone in this situation but I would think your father certainly has some input. But you are not really alone in this if you trust in God and pray about the decisions you need to make.

    Your father is going through a difficult situation and I want to commend you for helping your father and loving him and seeing he is taken care of. Be sure also that your father loves you and appreciates your help more than you know.

    OK, my opinion is since he is having a difficult time swallowing food and ends up with food residue stuck in his throat it is annoying and I can certainly understand that. And not a good situation health-wise. So my opinion is to get the feeding tube, don't wait. This way he can get his main nourishment through the feeding tube and will not be struggling to eat and get enough calories in. And then he can relax and eat a little at a time or just use eating as a way to enjoy the comfort foods he enjoys and are easy to get down such as puddings, etc. So his main nutrition is through the tube and eating is at his leisure or just for comfort foods. Medications can also be given through the tube. Some meds can be purchased in liquid form and things like pills and capsules can be put in a small amount of water and put in the feeding tube. The pills would need ground up so if you are going to do this I have a couple of good recommendations for a pill grinder that will make pills a fine powder and dissolve in water easily

    And if improvements happen and he can eat well again later on and doesn't need the feeding tube anymore it is easily removed by the doctor pulling it out, a quick procedure in the doctor's office and the opening where it was will quickly close up by itself.

    Right now you will be amazed at the load a feeding tube will take off you and your dad, it will make things so much easier for now. I am a big advocate for feeding tubes when you need them and when you don't they are easily removed.

    I hope this helps if you need more please let me know.

    Praying for you and your father in this situation, stay strong you can do this.

    NEGU (Never Ever Give Up)

    Wishing You the Best

    Take care, God Bless


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    Thank you very much for your continuous and great uncle. I continue to read all the topics related to the peg tube in this great community. I think I have reached complete conviction that my father needs it, in addition to the fact that I see the issue as life-saving from another aspect, regardless of whether the pharynx is narrowed or not or whether the treatment has reduced the tumor or not. I have a trachea for breathing and I have a peg tube for feeding. I believe that there is These two things are in themselves a great thing. I don't know if my view on things is different, but that's how I see things. Once again, all thanks and respect to you

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    Very well Ali, don't fear the tube, I have had 3 of them and they are a lifesaver and a friend and can be easily removed if not needed.

    Take care, God Bless