Radiation and catheter


Hello I am undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for colorectal cancer that's actually in my vagina which is very rare I have found out but nevertheless I am receiving radiation to my pelvic and abdomen starting my fourth week I begin to get severe burns in the genital area I have tried all kinds of things to stop the pain when I have to urinate however we were advised by an oncologist this weekend to go to the ER and have a catheter place which I have and I'm happy to say that it has taken that pain away however I start back on Monday to receive radiation to the abdomen and pelvic will I be able to keep the catheter in while I'm having radiation I only have two more weeks left and I'm hoping that I can I don't know if anybody else is experienced this or not I'm having a difficult time finding the answer thank you all and God bless


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    Hi @tinkerdog4 , I haven't been in that particular situation myself. I've had a catheter and pelvic/abdominal radiation but not at the same time. I hope you were able to talk with your doctor or nurse in advance of the treatment and that things are going okay for you.

    Best wishes for the best outcomes from your treatment. Radiation can be rough, but I'm a couple months done with treatment and am feeling pretty good. Hoping you get more relief soon too. ❤️