Side pain after ovarian transposition

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Last year, when I was 18, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in my lower abdomen, and I received chemo and radiation treatment, which I finished in January of this year. Before starting radiation, in October 2022, I had my right ovary moved up out of the radiation field to try and preserve it, they didn't move my left one because it was very close to where the tumor was. Starting around summer of this year, though, I started having some pain in my side right around where the ovary was moved. It isn't a sharp pain or anything, it just kind of feels a little sore or like I pulled something, and the level of soreness also varies. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd like to note that I was also on Luperon and got my last shot in November 2022, and it took a long while for my hormones to get somewhat normal again.