Considering where to get treatment for my prostate cancer

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I recently had a biopsy done and was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and so I'm doing research to determine where to get treatment. I did some more research and found that MD Anderson in Houston is rated very high. I live in San Antonio, and while we have a pretty good medical center here in town (I believe Mays Cancer Center is affiliated in some way to MD Anderson), I wondering how the two compare (I checked the reviews and rating and Mays Cancer Center doesn't really show up on the radar). I'm wondering if anyone has had treatment done in Texas? Thanks.


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    What kind of diagnosis did you get?

    I would think that you should be able to get good care at both:

    Find an NCI-Designated Cancer Center - NCI

    MD Anderson is noted for its excellence in treating complex (prostate cancer) cases. Note though that much depends on the actual physicians that you will interact with. They move around...

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    Thanks again Old Salt!

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    So far I have been impressed with MD Anderson and the doctors I met with. They relooked at the biopsy slides my urologist did and I just had a PET scan which my urologist did not suggest/recommend. They work as a care team. When you have your first meeting you can meet with both a urologist as well as radiologist to provide you with the info you’ll need to help with your decision. I’ve elected surgery which will be the first week of December; I’ll let you know my thoughts afterwards. I do know that MD Anderson does have some type of help with hotel logistics. I don’t need it since I live in the Houston area.

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    Keep me updated with your progress DaveTX.

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    I live in Georgia and had radiation locally. Then found out the cancer had spread so went to MD Anderson. One difference between MD Anderson and local facilities is that the local Oncologist treats all types of Cancer because then cannot have a staff comparable to MD while MD Doctors are specialized in a specific Cancer or Cancer region. The MD Doctors are very thorough and the communication is very good. I am very impressed with MD Anderson overall.

    Whatever you choose I hope all works out

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    Thanks for your comments rj5977!