Shocked, devastated, and need help with doctors in Atlanta, Georgia

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Short: Is anyone here from Atlanta and can recommend a superstar gynecologic oncologist? And other doctors you'd recommend, including primary physician ? Or did you go out of state for your surgery/treatments?


A few days ago I got a devastating radiology report - CT/MRI showed ovarian malignancy on right kidney, peritoneal carcinomatosis, ascites. This is after I already had a kidney cancer removed back in 2020 (was clean since then). I got out of that one easy - just a robotic surgery, no chemo. Part of the kidney was removed, yet it's still functional. I was placed on semi-annual follow ups. And then in late 2022 we switched insurance (my husband and I are self-employed) and had to deal with some bureaucracy, which led me to miss two scan visits. This whole new picture developed just since my last scans in spring of 2022. Here I am. I think everyone knows what I am dealing with emotionally... I also want to scream and cry, but have to hold it as the kids don't know yet...

My primary physician has been terrible with referrals/support, and said she's booked for the next two weeks or so. There is no one to hold my hand and guide through the next steps, just Google, which pretty much tells me my chances are f**ed up. The weekend and upcoming holidays are my enemy right now, and also doctors' availability. I managed to book an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist for next week, now sure if she's great and if the reviews are real. I'm hoping to learn from someone's first hand experience who they feel is the best in this field in our area, excellent with communication, and who has an encouraging track record with their patients, especially with advanced stage disease. I know I am asking for a lot, but you never know, someone could be here who might be able to help. I'm so lost right now.

Thank you for reading this far!


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    MilaQ, I am a visitor from the Uterine/Endometrial board and I cannot offer any tips on doctors in Atlanta, but I am glad YOU went out and found a gyn onc. Please stay away from Dr Google - you are a stastic of one. I know that is easy to say as it feels everything is falling around you, but make sure you get genetic testing done for biomarkers.

    It is a tough week trying to get things done with Thanksgiving sucking up two days, but I am sending you hugs. It isn't the info you were looking for, I wish I had more.

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    Thank you so much for responding and for you hugs! ❤️

    I had my first appointment, wasn't very good one. The doc basically said "we'll first cut it out, and then we'll talk about the rest". That's just not very helpful. Her nurse mentioned that they usually start chemo 2 weeks after the surgery (mine has to be open surgery :((), at which point I'd be still in recovery and won't have strength to prepare everything around the house/family before chemo starts. I understand we can't have everything mapped out until pathology is done, but at least I could be given general direction and more info as to what to expect and how to prepare. On top of everything the doctor is out of town most of December and can't take me for a surgery until early Jan.

    I managed to also get an appointment for a second opinion with a highly reputable doctor this coming Tuesday, I'm hoping to learn more at that point and maybe get an earlier surgery with this one.

    It's been unbearable psychologically, and I'm dreading to tell people and family about this. Ughh.

    Once again thank you for responding!