T Cell Acute Limblastic Lakemia treatments and things happened to me job wise so far

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I Had chest Pain, really sharp left side on Sunday, and Noticed what I thought was a bug bite on my neck, I went to work Monday, and was having issues short ness or breath.

That afternoon I went to the ER and they took X rays and did not see or catch anything, so I asked about the bug bite on my neck it had gotten bit larger size of my thumb overnight and during day.

they did a surgery on it on Thursday came around and I was told to go to the hospital at hospital they did some Cat scans and MRIs they found size tumor around my heart, two more in stomach and the one that was on my neck. this was in 2012 I got diagnostic at hospital with T- Cell Lukimea they started chemo that night at hospital and that went on for quit few years from 2012 to 2017 I was in hospital for three weeks out of every month and one week at home then in 2018 I got diagnosis with Myelodysplastic syndrome and Monosomy 7 syndrome and end up getting a Stem cell transplant in 2019, which then cured everything.

As stated, I never undergone any radiation treatment all my treatments where cemo and then had a allogeneic stem cell transplant which was done without radiation also.

in 2018 I was diagnosed with Mild cognitive impairment with memory loss and Neuropathy in my feet only due to vincristine chemo or whatever that stuff was called.

in 2019 I got Pneumonia of right middle lobe due to infectious organism which had to be lung washed.

in 2020 I got Upper respiratory tract infection due to influenza A

2021 I had Left anterior cruciate ligament tear which had to be repaired or replaced, I guess.

do being hospitalized so much I developed a femoral vein of both lower clots which scared so now I have to be a blood thinner all time.

I went through every day just trying to make it one day to next, I lost my job due to treatments, and being out of work so much also I could not think right caused me anxiety at time and made me make few bad choices by accident which made me lose my job for example I was working in IT, systems specialist and we have test email accounts we use and I accidently sent out email using test account which auto signed email for me with a fake name, well that was used as a reason to fire me under using term falsifying documentation which happened on Friday getting fired which is funny because on Tuesday I was asked to go to HR where they requested and asked me to sign over my medical records on biases of trying to lower insurance cost for company.

I think biggest issues I have had been with employment I have never been able to find sense I was cured I on average I send out about 20 to 33 job applications months, and I get interviews and I even get job offers but soon as they find out that I have a disability which I have to use due to long gap in my work history, it seems job gets yanked out from under me.

for example, my friend worked for postal department UPS here in WI, and I took test and applied for two jobs one in town I live in and one at town near me, and postmaster for town I live in said I had a really good score but she had to hire a military personal, but she told me that only person she ever seen had a higher score was herself on that test so she wanted to meet me.

the post master in town near me fort Atkinson offered me a job and I signed paper work and was supposed to start, two weeks before I was supposed to start HR department called me and asked about my disability and if I needed anything I said no not really just that I have some memory issues due to all chemo so sometimes i write things down and use GPS to get around, now post master said he call me before my starting day to get in touch but I didn't hear from him so day before I was to start I called him, and he said he was told that he could not hire me and had to use someone else, and I asked why and he said that HR would not tell him why and that, he was told that someone would get hold of me and tell me why and that I did get job but no one form HR did, I was just ghosted.

there has been quit few other jobs where I been overqualified for and or had experience where I was told someone would get hold of me, for I will give few examples here.

there was a low-level help desk job at farm fleet along with couple other IT jobs and I have applied at quit few times and I get ghosted by that company that job got relisted three times and I applied three times for it.

then same thing happened at Purina in town near me, they toss out my application pretty much as soon as it is submitted does not matter what job is even the IT level 1 entry help desk, I got tossed out even general labor no experience needed tossed out that job was relisted twice and i applied both times.

then, there mercy hospital I have applied and gotten two interviews for low level help desk support and end getting ghosted after words that job was relisted four times and I applied four times and got two interviews and then ghosted after each then they relist the job.

I also applied for a militance job I own a farm small sheep farm and I have maintenance experience I help friend as a 1099 sometimes for his company doing handyman work in maintenance also so I applied at a hotel tru in Janesville and girl said that she was thrilled to meet me and liked my experience and I asked her to please let me know ether way if she was hire me or not, and she promised me she would but then after learning I was disabled ignored me messages and never got back to me.

one other thing about me I have a CDL class A permit  I have had one for couple of years there only good for 6 or 8 months and then I have to take all exams agin to hold it for another six to 8 months, I have passed DOT fed examiner twice in row so there no issues right now with my health sense I can get and hold a federal medical DOT card but but no one will hire me to give me a chance at doing CDL job I can drive for my farm sense I am farm exmpt and I know how to but I do not want to pay for school and all that to get CDL class A if no one is willing to give me a chance. for example, company offered me a job to pay for school and everything they were happy to have me sign paperwork and I was supposed to start on 11/27/23 but when they looked at medical examiners paperwork even though i had everything okayed they learned that I had lukimea and blood clott in my past and that I had to be on blood thinners all time due to that old scar in my leg, if I am not on a thinner blood clott up around that scar inside vain so got be on thinner. two medical examiners where fine sense everything with me is stable and its been almost over 12 years. but company seems to want to yank everything out from under me and not pay for my education any more or give me a chance.

another job that I did not get was for a manager in training at Menards, I have store manganate experience I worked 10 years about for company called computer store which was out of whitewater till went out of businesses I managed the store so I had experience doing that and thought I was more than qualified to do become manger in training My degree was even listed on their paper for getting a bump in start wage, I have computer sciences degree in information systems, but I did not get that job instead job got relisted.

I also, applied for IT management job which I am have experience doing for human society they interviewed me said I would do fine then later on, ghosted me, I had to reach out to ask about job and was told that they went with a diff option and didn't hire anyone which was weird because they told me they had to hire someone that week and was not happy with outside company that they had used to manage in past so they did not want to do that but I got ghosted after they found out that I had disability health issues kept me out of work force for so long.

there is also transportation company that i apply for to do there help desk, position but they also won't hire me, but they keep reposting job every couple of months. for last two years now, seems like they hire people then repost.

for most of all jobs i apply for that seem to be set standard, I apply I got interview they ask about why I was out for so long I have to tell them it was health related and that leads to more questions, and once find out its cancer reason or something that was caused due to cancer, I never hear back from them.

it sucks because social security disability does not pay enough to live on and i am constantly going father in debt just trying to pay property taxes of 2,500 years and insurance then their car and car insurance maintenance, gas, health insurance cost due to dr visits electrical cost I mean social security disability only pays out around 600 to 900 month.

I even applied for jobs as janitor but no luck their ether, I just got ghosted or they find someone better suited, i guess that never had cancer even government jobs are like this I tried applying for some janitor gigs with DVR work force development and with courthouse along with few of hospitals.

you think someone with a degree, in computer science and 10 years running IT department and a store and anther 10 years or so working as information systems specialist along with internship and swimming pool management job in past and that has CDL class A learns permit and that has farm equipment repair skills and building maintenance skills would be able to find a job in their area with someone that give them a shot.

but seems like that is a no so far.


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    I apologize for any messed-up words in that I also have dyslexia so sometimes I miss type things.

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    I think biggest issue with work and disability is that company's get sued if they say real reason, they are not going hire you is due to for example a cancer or higher liability cost so forth, I think if people stopped Sueing company's and let them be honest as to reason why, they won't hire people with disability or cancer then perhaps government and companies can come to agreement to way to fix it other whys it seems like they have to try to hide reasons they won't hire disabled person.

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    to add to this my wife where she works, has a freind who is with the UW health research center, and they claim that UW research static for people who have survived cancer about 65% of those people are unable to get a job not because they can't work or do not want to work but simply because no one hire them after they survived the cancer. if that is true there is a big problem but form my own experience it seems to be true.