Newly diagnosed melanoma on temple

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I just had a mole biopsy from my left temple. Biopsy shows a 1b melanoma (.95mm not ulcerated). My oncology consult is two weeks away. Needless to say I’m freaking out. Trying to be positive but I’ve convinced myself I won’t make it a year. I should never use google probably…. My biggest fear is leaving my wife and kids behind. I know nobody has the answer for me, just posting to help my mental state and be part of a community.


  • Mulligan45
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    I understand your fears. Hope that you get a positive review of your situation. I know how hard that this is as I’m going through a similar thing myself. I don’t have any answers but just know you’re not alone. I need to keep that in mind too.

  • blana
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    Sorry to hear dx. Been in your shoes. Get good oncologist. Be aggressive towards it. I did Opdivo. Immunotherapy . Still here 5 years later