Newcomer lung cancer

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Hi,68 yrs,right lung adenocarcinoma, just met with oncologist,being evaluated to see if I would make good surgical candidate,scheduling

PET,MRI,lots of bloodwork,meeting with thoracic surgeon. I started out with bad cold,x ray showed lots of congestion upper lobe.PNEUMONIA, Had broncoscopy, found adenocarcinoma. Pnuemonia resolved I have lost ability to cough feels like right bronchi is plugged, was during broncoscopy. My oxygen level dropped to 83,now on oxygen 2litres. When I try to cough,not normal,raspy sound from deep down non productive. Feels like there is mucosa in right lung,can't cough anything up.Anyone ever not able to cough? Annie


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    I am curious if you had the one bout with pneumonia? My mom has had chronic pneumonia for over 2 years, had lower lobe nodules they started watching 2 years ago. Her condition has continued to decline. Now on Oxygen. Recently found a 2mm Cavital Legion, grown to 3 in a month in upper right lobe, yesterday had new findings mentioning new enlarged lymph nodes in mid lobes and left upper lobe 1.2 cm to 1.9 cm. They are still treating her for pneumonia. I feel strongly it’s cancer and cannot get them to do something to either make her well or biopsy to diagnose cancer. Terrified it will be to late by the time they do something. What lead doctors to do biopsy after pneumonia diagnosis?

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    You question caught my attention as you are the age and stage my mother was when she experienced the same right lung mass with confirmed cancer.

    I can tell you in her experience, she was given benonate, cough syrup with codein, some nebulizer treatments as well as inhalers. Even though you are seeing oncology, are you seeing a pulmonologist as well? That is where we found the missing gap in my moms treatment.