What to do for big changes in my dads life?

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Hi, I’m 27 and take care of my father diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma. He is out of work and now just stays at home most days doing things around the house. He has rejected support groups, which I have encouraged, and just stays with me all day. I feel like group activities, which he likes being with people, would help him take his time off of things. I am trying my best but I feel like I need to do something more to help him out with all this change . Has anyone gotten a therapist or found group activities with others help the emotions of your loved one with cancer. Any advice is appreciated.


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    My son is 26 and lives 250 miles away. He comes when he can (multiple times per year) and helps me with my wife and her cancer. Your compassion beams through and I tip my hat to you. My wife talks to my son and he also is a proponent of support and therapy settings. I have begun going to support group and have encouraged my wife to attend some (I actually signed her up for some before this post). Ask your father what he wants to do and try to encourage his participation. I know that this is difficult, but having a talk with him maybe in a neutral environment (restaurant, during a drive) and just conversing about what makes him happy will show some opportunities or spark ideas. My wife's cancer has changed her personality because of her focusing on it more. She may say she wants to go for a drive and then a few hours later, cries and says she just wants to stay in the house. I try to understand that I cannot understand her emotions or what she's going through so I try to not push things on her. I know that will lead to an argument or contention. I hope something I shared helped you. I wish you all the best while caring for your dad. You seem like a great person.