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Hello to all. My husband of almost 30 years was recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer (met. lungs) Tumor is inoperable. He will be receiving immunotherapy treatments. This is the second time he has had cancer in 3 years. The first time was adrenal lymphoma, which went into remission. I am seeking advice on how to cope with it all - financial insecurity, emotions and physical stress. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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    You probably are looking for support groups. I cannot do it alone and talking and listening is therapeutic. We shouldn't have to do this alone, so use resources and self care. I wish you the best during this experience.

    Financial resources are different for everybody. There are some groups that I have heard about that will help with small expenses. My wife's medicare and cancer center seem to be cooperating and we have paid very little, but the premiums reflect that.