Beginning my Prostate Cancer Journey

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I follow Michael Gregers book, How Not to Die on diet and exercise. I recommend any person with a cancer to read this or listen to this book. The prostate sections is very specific about how certain foods could slow down prostate cancer growth. I am 61 years old, I had a Prostectomy in 6/21, 5 + 4=9 Gleason. Completed hormone therapy and androgen reduction using apalutamide and testosterone reduction using Aliugaurd both for 12 months. 8/22 psa .025 10/23 .0650. Dr wants to wait 6 months for next psa test. I may go get a sooner test in 3 months.

I am still overweight with a estimated BMI of 30. But feel healthy and strong. My main goal has been to reduce inflammation. Work out 3 to 5 times a week and reduce BMI to 28. Eat mostly Vegan options with a protein intake of 75 to 100 grams a day. Lots of broccoli, spinach, mixed greens, soy bean, legumes and Seeds No dairy in my diet.

I appreciated everyone's stories and struggles. Thank you for being strong and sharing.

Know thy enemy and know yourself.


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    Getreel....You're on the right track!

    Yes, healthy lifestyles cuts prostate mortality among high-risk men.......Lots of great information out there on diet and exercise too.

    I transitioned from 100% vegan 2008-2016 to mostly mediterranean diet/red wine, which for me, is very manageable with my quarterly cheeseburger...

    All the best in your journey!