waiting on admission


I'm going to preface this with I do not have confirmed diagnoses. I'm not looking for advice. just venting to people who will get it.🤢

The scans I have had so far show very severally atrophied pancreas, 11 mm bile duct dilatation (I've had both my spleen and gallbladder already removed). I live very remote. Angel Flights was generous enough to fly me here. I've been very ill over the last year but the past summer, I've felt so much worse. I can hardly do anything other than lay in bed most days. I'm at the SECU house waiting for admission because they are concerned that cancer is a strong possibility and they want me to do a direct admit but the hospital is full. I have gastroparesis and end stage pancreatitis(non-alcohol) from a genetic condition that throws a whole lot more comorbiditities on the table that my doctor is carefully working with too.

Anyway, I'm not feeling good, my pancreas is freaking hurting like hell and I needed to reach out to somebody. I'm not worried about it being cancer. I do think if it is cancer it's likely pretty early stages. I'm more worried about feeling awful all the time.


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    I understand your frustration about feeling awful all the time. I have inoperable pancreatic cancer and have experienced feeling awful especially at the beginning of my diagnosis. After chemo treatment, I have more good days than bad. Hopefully once you have a diagnosis, your doctor will be able to help you feel better.