Nerve Damage

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Has anyone experienced nerve damage after mastectomy? And if so, who did you see? What options were given? I had my bilateral mastectomy 2/1/23 and have had pain under my breast since after the surgery. At first my doctor thought it could be the expander causing the pain. However, once the expanders were swapped for implants, the pain persisted. I did not receive much guidance other than to report to my PCP.

Thank you


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    Hi there,

    I believe I too have suffered some nerve damage post-mastectomy in October, and subsequent re-excision surgery further isolated a nerve damage area partial to my left side, which had the tumors and lymph nodes removed.

    That said, the sharp pains (like needles in some cases) have slowly improved over the past couple weeks. But I have noticed "cording" present in my upper-inside of my left arm. I too have tissue expanders.

    I don't know for sure who you should visit specifically to address the issue of potential nerve damage, but I'd maybe suggest alerting your reconstruction team - they can recommend specific physical therapy to alleviate the symptoms, I'd think. So sorry you're experience such discomfort so many months later.

    I hope a full recovery and restored health for you. :)