Metastatic Melanoma

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Diagnosed with metastatic melanoma June ‘22, surgery in August… removed 5” from scalp, rt parotid gland, and 50 lymph nodes from neck (14” incision). The surgery went well. I have been on immunotherapy for 12 months which has eliminated 10 more tumors (as of September ‘23). But, in January of ‘23 when multiple tumors were found in the same area and surgery wasn’t an option, I was preparing, that is to say, coming to terms with death (I was 50/50). I kind of went into a virtual hole and isolated myself from my wife and kids expecting the worst. It was difficult to wrap my arms around everything I would miss- kids graduation, getting married, retirement with my wife, and so many things I have yet to do/achieve/enjoy. It didn’t help I was taking various nerve medication (which are designed as antidepressants but help to reduce nerve pain), but really compounded my half empty attitude for everything for too long. However, as I mentioned above, the treatment worked and as of last week, I am tumor free… not officially cancer free. Now I’m trying to restore a positive outlook- work, friends, family. I thought my talking to others who have dealt/are dealing with the C could help to get my mind back on track.  Thank you. Cheers!