Long lasting chemo effects.


I came to ask a question and get input from other survivors and see what you all say.

I am a 26 year cancer survivor of Wilm’s Tumor dx at the age of 5. I under went chemotherapy and radiation and had a left nephrectomy.

My answer to a question that my mother told me growing up was questioned today and my mother struggles with saying things that she doesn’t always truly know the answers. But it made me question. With that being said here is my question…

From going through chemo and radiation as a child or period do you notice that with medications no matter what they are used for you have a higher rate of being tolerant to them? For example, medications for sleep (melatonin, doxepin), pain and constipation medications I notice that I become tolerant of them fast and they do not work for long. Example, I have been taking a constipation medication since the beginning of the year and I am already starting to realize it isn’t working well for me. This happens too with deodorant and creams. My mother told me it was due to my chemo and radiation as a child.

Does anyone else deal with this? Is this a side effect of the chemo and radiation?

Also, I am not trying to prove anyone wrong just wondering if this is something I need to ask about.