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Hello all,

I’m recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Moderately aggressive. 1 spot on anterior. 4+3 Gleason. Surgery not recommended because of my weight. Radiation is recommended but I’ve heard that proton theirs is the best way. What are your thoughts? Nearest proton therapy is 3 hrs away and I must be home everyday


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    Having had surgery, salvage radiation, spot Cyberknife treatment and surgery to repair the radiation damage to my right ureter the last 15 years, I would seek out a recognized medical school and have Cyberknife, as your first defense....From what I've read and experienced, Cyberknife is becoming the go to on intermediate prostate cancer diagnosis...

    In any event, go with your heart, as it is your life and journey. 

    Its all a roll of the dice...

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    Thank you. I just had an in depth appointment with a radiologist and SBRT...Cyberknife is the way we're gonna go

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    SBRT with the CyberKnife system has a proven track record for cases such as yours.